Custom Jewelry

At KT Diamond Jewelers, we want to make your ideas for custom jewelry come to life.


Have an idea for a one-of-a-kind piece that you can’t seem to find anywhere? Our custom workshop is the perfect place to turn your dream into a reality.

While other jewelers may tout ‘custom jewelry’, you’ll likely be picking from a number of preset options, or catalogs. At KT Diamond Jewelers, we want to hear your ideas and design custom – truly custom – from scratch, using the latest C.A.D. software on the market to be able to design jewelry in house, and to be personalized especially for you.

Stop by the shop, meet the team that will be customizing your jewelry, and get started!

Our Custom Jewelry Process

Whether you already have an idea laid out or need help sketching something from scratch, Kyle Batisch will make sure you fall in love with your custom design from the first meeting to the final product.

At your first consultation, Kyle, our custom-design expert, has more than 20 years of jewelry design experience. With a minimal deposit, Kyle will sit down with you and work to draw a digital design state-of-the-art modeling program to help you easily visualize the final product.

Kyle has been trained in C.A.D. (Computer-Aided Design) and uses a program called MatrixGold to make your unique ideas come to life before your eyes.

Kyle is certified in grading and certifying diamonds from G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) and is well-versed in the standards of the A.G.S. (American Gem Society). His expertise in the field helps him provide only the best in cut, clarity, color and carat weight for your diamond.

After we create your design, we will bring you in to make sure it is up to your standards, making adjustments and fittings as needed. We want you to love your custom piece forever, and we promise to always do what we can to make it look and feel perfect.

Types of Custom Jewelry

We offer many types of customizations, including engravings, sizing adjustments, repairs and maintenance, and total from-scratch designs.

We offer custom and personalized: