Your jewelry is one of a kind—it’s beautiful, intricate, and meaningful to you. When diamonds are passed down through generations or given as gifts, it’s hard to know their true value. Obviously, they mean a lot to you due to their sentimental value, but how do you decide who to trust with appraisals when you need to know what your jewelry is worth?

KT Diamond is pleased to offer appraisal services for your diamonds, rings, watches, antique jewelry. Using careful techniques, our certified gemologist and appraisal expert, Kyle Batisch, will capture the details of your treasured jewelry and give you a detailed appraisal with pictures for reference.

The appraisal will take into account:

  • Current competitive retail prices
  • Brand names, serial numbers, model numbers (for watches), identifying manufacturer’s marks on diamonds
  • The karatage for gold; the stamping of the percentage on platinum
  • The metal of prongs and mountings
  • For diamonds and gemstones, the appraiser will evaluate the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat)

Preparing For Your Appraisal

Make sure that you clean your jewelry prior to bringing it in and inspect for any needed repairs. Prior to bringing your jewelry in, get together any documentation that might be used by an appraiser. These establish a “paper trail” of your ownership history of the jewelry and may speed up the appraisal process. Documentation may include sales receipts, warranties, diamond or gemstone certificates, old insurance summaries listing the jewelry, old appraisals, or any documentation relating to the history of the jewelry.

How Much Does an Appraisal Cost?

For intricate jewelry that is more complex, we charge an hourly rate of $100/hour. For less intricate pieces, we charge $50 per piece of jewelry.

For any further questions regarding our appraisal services, don’t hesitate to contact us.