Diamond rings are a symbol of eternal love and commitment. The ring is the ultimate sign of your lifelong commitment to your partner. So we all want to keep our rings in pristine condition, but sometimes it can be hard to tell if they need a good clean or not. And how do you know if you are cleaning your ring properly? There are a number of ways to clean various types of rings, depending on the stone, type of metal, condition, etc., but we’ll focus on cleaning a typical diamond engagement ring.

Everyday wear of your ring can lead to a build up of oil, residue and general cosmetic blemishes to the stone’s surface. If left untreated, this can cause discoloration and bacteria build up on the ring over time. Not only will this weaken the diamond’s brilliance and radiance, it can potentially cause skin irritation and rashes. Regular at-home cleanings will help keep your diamond shining and looking as new as possible.

Of course we always recommend having your ring professionally cleaned, and we are always happy to help here at KT Diamond Jewelers, but in between professional cleanings, simple at-home remedies can help maintain your diamond ring for years to come. Here are some simple tips on how you can keep your diamond engagement ring sparkling.

how to clean your diamond engagement ring

How to Clean Diamond Engagement Rings at Home

The best and simplest way to clean your diamond rings at home is basic dishwashing soap, warm water, and a toothbrush. This may seem overly basic, but sometimes the simplest solution can be the best. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A Bowl
  2. Warm to Hot Water
  3. Dishwashing Soap
  4. Soft Bristled Toothbrush
  5. Clean, Cotton Towel or Cloth

You may be tempted to use more intense household cleaners or sanitizers, but remember that this can potentially cause damage to your diamond ring. Diamonds are durable, one of the reasons that they are such a good investment, but it doesn’t mean that they are immune to harsh chemicals and solutions. Also keep in mind that your ring is set in some sort of precious metal, which can often be much softer and more porous, thus more prone to damage from household cleaners. Think of cleaning your ring at home as a maintenance task, similar to washing your car. It is always best to be gentle and use mild cleaning techniques.

1) Fill a Bowl with Warm to Hot Water

Use a fairly deep bowl and fill it with warm to hot water. It should not be scalding hot water, but definitely warm to the touch. You will need enough water to fill the bowl at least halfway, but leaving room for the dish soap to be added.

2) Add Liquid Detergent or Dishwashing Soap

Mix the dish soap with the water to create a nice sudsy bowl for rinsing the ring.

3) Soak the Ring for 20 to 40 Minutes

Add the ring to the soapy water and let the diamond soak for 20 to 40 minutes. This will help loosen any oils, dirt or debris on the diamond and around the setting.

4) Gently Brush the Ring with a Soft Toothbrush

Take the ring out of the bowl and gently brush it with a clean, soft bristled toothbrush. Take care not to brush too hard, but make sure to brush in and around the diamond setting to remove any debris that has been dislodged by the dish soap.

5) Dry the Ring with A Clean Cloth

First you can rinse the ring clean under running warm water to remove any excess soap or debris. Make sure to tightly plug the drain before placing the ring over the sink. Then take a clean, soft cotton cloth and gently blot the diamond dry. Do not use paper towels, as this can leave lint or a film on the diamond.

How Often Should I Clean My Diamond Ring?

It is recommended that you clean your diamond ring at least once every week or two. This should be enough to keep your ring sparkly and clean between professional cleanings. We recommend bringing your ring to a professional jeweler for a deeper cleaning at least twice a year. If you are particularly active as well, you may want to consider removing your ring during activities, especially outdoor, to prevent the need for more frequent cleanings.