Since prehistoric times, jewelry has symbolized individuality, status, beauty, and elegance. Thus, nowadays, it’s no secret that jewelry can make you look beautiful and help you stand out in a crowd.

But, not all kinds of jewelry will suit your face, personality, and style. Primarily, it’s pretty challenging to decide which jewelry will compliment your eyes!

After all, there’s a saying, “Eyes are the windows to the soul.”

However, fortunately, choosing contrasting pieces can quickly enhance the color of your eyes. Still, there are several other factors like the shape, size, and style of the jewelry that you need to consider if you want it to make your eyes noticeable.

Therefore, in this post, we’ll take an in-depth look and figure out ways to choose jewelry that makes your eyes pop!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look,

How to Choose Jewelry For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes usually have a soft hue. So, using gemstones that offer a high contrast can easily enhance their beauty.

For instance, you can try out a combination of black, brown, silver, or gray earrings and an amethyst necklace. 

Moreover, gemstones like sodalite, moonstone, and agate will help your eyes shine even brighter!

On the other hand, if your eyes have a darker shade of blue, then fire opals, turquoise gemstones will suit you better. 

However, you’ll need to be careful about which type of makeup you wear if you want to maximize the effect of these gemstones. Still, you can quickly solve this problem using a suitable contrasting eyeshade.

So, in a nutshell, gemstones like moonstone, grey agate will make your soft blue eyes more noticeable, while the fire opals, turquoise gemstones will help your dark blue eyes sparkle.

How to Choose Jewelry For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes offer a natural warmth, so wearing contrasting cooler colors will complement them pretty well.

Plus, a wide range of colors will go well with this eye hue.

But, the best way to truly make your eyes shine would be to use a softer sapphire or an emerald. On the other hand, wearing a deeper color may reduce the overall effect. Thus, you may want to avoid using a darker sapphire.

Also, if you have chocolate brown eyes, you can use yellow gold jewelry, green, and blue gemstones to enhance the warmth.

Additionally, if you want to add a more reflective nature to the eyes, you may use silver jewelry.

In essence, softer sapphire, emerald, and gold or silver are ideal for enhancing your brown eyes.

How to Choose Jewelry For Green Eyes

Green eyes have a strong presence of their own. It’s a pretty rare eye color, just like gray eyes. 

Fortunately, you can use both gold and silver jewelry to augment the beauty of these eyes.

Moreover, intense colors also go pretty well with this hue. For instance, you can use rubies with opaque or pigeon blood hue to make the eyes pop.

However, pink gemstones may not produce the maximum effect. Thus, you’ll need to look for gems with a deep red hue.

Also, you can wear pearl jewelry to create a more dramatic look.

All in all, your green eyes will become more noticeable with the help of gold, silver jewelry, and deep red gemstones.

How to Choose Jewelry For Gray Eyes

When it comes to choosing jewelry for gray eyes, the achromatic white is the hue you want. 

This way, the sparkle of the eyes will become more pronounced.

As such, you may want to use pearl or white topaz to keep the eyes radiant. Also, you can wear green hue gemstones like light green beryl or malachite to further enhance the expressive nature of these eyes.

But, if you use too many of these contrasting colors, it may make the eyes look dull. Therefore, you’ll need to be careful not to overdo it.

Nevertheless, it’ll be quicker to prepare the jewelry for your eyes since you can skip the eyeliners. After all, the gems and the eye hue will overshadow them anyway.

So, in short, pearls, white, or green gemstones will make your gray eyes look even more beautiful.

How to Choose Jewelry For Hazel Eyes

Since hazel eyes present a blend of green and brown, it can be challenging to pick jewelry that will enhance their beauty effectively.

But fortunately, you can pair it up with a passive color like lavender or even tanzanite to bring out the mysterious nature of your eyes.

Furthermore, you can create a warm effect if you pair them with gold jewelry with a bronze hue. In contrast, silver jewelry like platinum will give the eyes a fabulous presence.

Moreover, you can wear different colors to make a better contrast that will let your eyes stand out more. So, you can use amethyst or purple quartz to emphasize the flecks of colors in your eyes.

Essentially, you’ll want to use jewelry that compliments all the colors in your eyes.

A Few Tips & Tricks To Choose Jewelry That Will Emphasize The Beauty Of Your Eyes

Not all jewelry will have the same effect depending on the color of your eyes. So, it’s important to choose jewelry with the characteristics that’ll help your eyes pop, and it can be pretty tricky.

Therefore, in this section, we’ll share a few tips and tricks that’ll assist you in choosing jewelry that will emphasize the beauty of your eyes,

  • The majority of eye colors become more outstanding when you wear a contrasting piece of jewelry.
  • But, relying too much on contrast can have the opposite effect. This method will take away from the natural beauty of your eyes if you’re not careful.
  • Also, if you have rare heterochromia eyes, you may want to focus on the dominant colors and pick jewelry that compliments those colors.
  • Additionally, gems with reflective qualities will often bring out the sparkle in your eyes as long as you pair them appropriately.

Aside from these, you may want to consider your eyes’ size and shape when making your decision. This way, you’ll have an easier time picking jewelry that’ll make your eyes pop.

Bottom Line

While this guide should provide you with helpful information, at the end of the day, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ” So, you may find that a unique combination of colors will suit your eyes far more than the standard norms.

As such, it may be worthwhile to use the styles in this post and try out the new, innovative jewelry trends to see how they suit your preferences.

This way, you might even find new, more efficient ways to pick jewelry that make your eyes pop!For more great tips on jewelry visit: